500 (10 x packs) Large EXO Biodegradable Tie-Handle Dog Waste / Doggy Poo Poop Bags - Strong


500 (10 x packs) Large EXO Biodegradable Tie-Handle Dog Waste / Doggy Poo Poop Bags - Strong
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Quality dog waste / poo / poop bags made from premium biodegradable HDPE film containing a bio-renewable supplement made from sea shells.

Printed with "Please dispose of this bag responsibly" message.

Please check with your council or waste management company how you should dispose of your used bags.


Manufactured using EXO-LLD, a revolutionary bio-renewable supplement for plastic resin made from organic material derived from the processing of sea shell waste.

The core ingredients are:

  • Chitin, a bio-polymer that provides the strength and durability of bioplastics made with EXO-LLD. The outer layer of sea shells are made of Chitin.
  • Aragonite, a special form of calcium carbonate which has a different crystalline structure than Calcite. EXO-LLD contains more of this type of calcium.
  • Calcite, the same type of calcium carbonate found in rocks like chalk and limestone. It is already widely used as a filler for plastics.The difference in the Calcite in EXO-LLD is that it is from a renewable source.

Is EXO-LLD a good biodegradable solution?

Yes. The Chitin in EXO-LLD encourages microbial activity on disposal, accelerating the biodegradation of thin plastic films. The material does not contain any oxo-degradable technology such as metal salts and unlike bio-plastics based on corn-starch, it does not contain a food stock.




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